Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Woooah, just spent some time in Seattle. AWESOME.


Pike's Place? Amazing market full of all sorts of fun. AND CRUMPETS. Holy crap. I'm in love. Yum yum.

Anyways, they have these fish stands where these guys seriously throw the hugest fish you've ever seen about, all willy nilly like. It's super cool.

I DID NOT TAKE THESE TWO PHOTOS! I couldn't get a good pic of these dudes. But the asian dude was totally there like Fri Sat and Sun.

Talk about working on your feet all all these guys were all tattooed up and probably the only semi-attractive guys in Seattle. There's really not that many attractive people in least where we were. odd...

I tried to send my phone photos to my gmail and it's not working. I guess I'll upload them later. For now, here's some silly pics, because that's really what this blog is about. Sharing funny photos.

You know, I question the validity of this cat's claim on this cake. I bet it wasn't even his birthday.

OMG I'm laughing so hard I made this my desktop background, and it's not even the right size. But I don't care. This is way more amusing than it should be.

True love.

Ok, this isn't funny as much as badass. Man, I miss this dude. He was so cool. Sad, sad times, but amazing quote, IMHO.

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