Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve

And I must admit I do get a little annoyed with everyone shouting "Merry Christmas!"

It is verrrrrrry nitpicky of me...but it's only Christmas Eve. :/ I guess people do celebrate Christmas differently than myself...some even open their stockings today and not on Christmas!! Weird but to each his own.

On that note... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVERYONE!!!! lol

I'm so excited. My husband and I weren't actually able to get much for each other...but we were able to get ALL of our friends and family some pretty amazing gifts and I'm totally satisfied with that. Plus his mom, and our friend Ian made up for it. Their gifts to us just ROCKED.

Ian got me the Werewolf book for World of Darkness. I've wanted it for soooo long!!! And he got me some new nubs for my inking pen!! I can ink my drawings again! ^_^ And Brooklynn's mom got us a bunch of board games...not to mention other gifts we got from Ian and other friends so far.

I'm bragging...but it's been great. We're not going anywhere tonight, but tomorrow it's off to my mom's. Happy holidays you all - hope you have a great time!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Spirit

So I've been posting a lot of other people's stuff now I'm going to show off some of mine. ^_^

Here are some ornaments I made for my little advent calander that I have.

This was a nice fun adventure. I just barely finished the rest of them. I have yet to paint on their faces, glaze them and take pictures. When I do I will post them.

I've also been getting more into the holiday spirit. :D My husband bought some nice fun sugar cookie dough and some cookie cutters so we're going to have a Christmas cookie day. lol

Not to mention I might be getting a job at a vet clinic. I should know by tomorrow. *crosses fingers* Let's hope that works out!

Unfortunately I haven't been doing much crafting lately. I just finished a scarf for myself, and now my husband bought some yarn and wants me to make him one for Christmas hahahha.

Hopefully next week I'll crack out and produce some new charms, as well as finishing up my friend's army that I'm trying to paint by Christmas. :/ Who knows if I'll make that deadline.

Here we've got some cute little onigiri's I've been giving as freebies for buyers this season. Check out my shop yo. Most popular lately has been my little mushroom charms. ^_^

Friday, December 12, 2008

Last of the Christmas Buys

Allright...we're nearing the end of my feautring extravanganza! The next things I will be featuring will strictly be the fun trades I did with some awesome Deviantart artistist. So here's the last bit of my *strictly* Etsy features.

But oh man...was I saving the best for last. ^_^

First off, here we have the amazing Winemakerssister. She is an awesome stamp carver. She's got a lot of awesome stuff in her shop, but it was actually this leaf stamp that caught my eye. I saw it and realized what an awesome talent she has.

Her style is very unique and characterized. When I went to her shop and saw the other stamps she had made...I just knew I had to commission her!! So, I convo'd her and asked her if she would help me make a pirate penguin stamp. I sketched out a rough idea, sent it to her and voila!!! This is what she produced. --->

Amazing!! It was perfect. Again, I knew she had this amazingly fun style, and she brought it to life in to my request. And get this, she couldn't decide how she wanted to do the stamp, so she gave me both of these awesome stamps for the price of one!!

No joke, she is amazing to work with and I plan on commissioning her again. So go check out her stuff, even if you're not so much in to stamps she has paper goods, cards and tags, charm bracelets, pot holders...I mean she's got it all.

And next up we have one of my all time favorite trades. I actually started talking to Skookyspry (love that name!!) on Deviantart. You can check out my profile/gallery here, and Skookyspry's here.

So I did a fun little trade with skooky, wherein I got this AMAZING delicious cake. Can't tell you how much I love it. Not only is she amazingly creative in her work, but her cakes look sooo real and yummy it's ridiculous.

She makes the most fun star plate necklaces out of polymer clay, (this zebra one being one of my favs) fun charms (such as my delicious cake), keychains, magnets, buttons, supplies...I mean this chick is loaded with awesome. And, her prices are great!

So please check these awesome artists out. I'm not kidding when I say not only are they great sellers, and fun to work with, but they are very talented and do great work! Thanks you two!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Fun Stuff

It's time for me to show off more of my awesome trades and buys. ^_^

First, I'll show off these wonderful pumpkin earrings I got on clearance!! Yay!! They are AMAZING. And so cute. They're made by the wonderful GeekToys. I must admit, one of my favorite sellers on Etsy.

Everyone has been so in love with my earrings, that I might just get a pair for my mom. Hee hee. Or I may just give her mine. *sigh* Please note they're not on clearance anymore but they are still for sale!!!! Grab yours here.

Anyways, I'm going to rave about GeekToys for a bit because I looooove her stuff!! Not only are they wonderfully geeky, they are also wonderfully cute, and they make more than just video game fun stuff.

I don't know how else to brag about them aside from liting my favorite items of theirs so I will. Their portal cube necklace is something I vow to buy for myself some day, and their cake is amazing. As far as non video game fun stuff I love their little bubble gum heart phone charm.

On to a fun trade I did, and the most expensive trade I have done to date. I saw Ikyoto's shop awhile back. I even linked THIS VERY design to my friend because I thought it was adorable and awesome and clever.

And he, bein a scientist type, appreciated it. I am not a scientist type, I honestly just love the funny idea of it all, but this shirt design on my left represents evaporation. lol.

Fun times. So anyways, Ikyoto contacted me because I was on the trade list, and wanted to do a trade with me!!! I was like GET OUT! I looooove your stuff. So I was happy to get a little army of charms together to trade for this shirt. ^_^ I'm actually still waiting for it (it just shipped a day or two ago) but I'm so excited about it I HAD to blog about it. I'll let you know how cool it is when I get it. lol.

Anyways, they also have a funny little oxidation shirt, stuffed shurikens, and buttons. So check it out. Great shop. One note however, if you's a small girl like me, or a girl at all (lol) make sure you let them know! They have women's sizes but don't normally post them.

So next I decided to contact the wonderful stardustsupply, and ask if she wanted to do a trade. And by my luck she did!!

I can't tell you how freaking cute her stuff is. I wanted a grab bag, because, I mean, who doesn't want a kawaii grab bag? Even if they try to deny it lol.

Anyways, Her stuff is wonderful and I totally plan on buying this grab bag some time after the hollidays, or one like it. It's sooo worth the few dollars. Super cute stickers and memos, honestly I've found they are perfect for thank you notes to my customers!! Great, great stuff.

Not to mention she has some fun candy grab bags as well. And deco tape, and stickers too!! And I will admit she sent me a free little piece of gum and it was delicious. Super delicious.

So check these guys out. I know I'll be back to buy from them when I can afford to splurge. Hee hee.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Buys and Trades

Alright, so I realized that all of my Christmas shopping features are done!!! I haven't bought anything else for anyone else that is handmade so far. I've made some stuff for people...and I'll show those off later, but everything else is shown off.

So now I'll show you what I've been selfish about. These are the things I have bought/done trades for, for myself. :P

This is was one of my first buys for me on Etsy. These cute purple dice earrings are made by CjsDesigns. I saw them while searching through the geekery categories and knew that I just had to have them!!!

Not only do I love mini dice but I love jewelry, so it all worked out GREAT. Now don't think this shop is all about dice...not really at all actually. She's got beautiful heart earrings, anchors, necklaces, bracelets, so if you're in to jewelry check it out!! She has amazing prices and amazing products.

Next up we have this awesome 20 sided dice hemp necklace being sold by Quizzlebob. She was selling it at such a steal there was no way I couldn't snag it!

And get this, I asked if I could possibly get it in green instead of blue and it was no problem for her. I got the item just as fast only in a color I liked just a bit better! Great service.

Now if you're in to geekry quizzlebob's shop is the way to go. Dice and keyboard jewelry, legos ice cream, all sorts of stuff!! Definitely worth a look around.

The last item I'm going to show off is the first trade I ever did on Etsy!!! The wonderful Beckynot opened my mind to the world of trading, and got me started on my road to fun stuff.

She has an amazingly cute selection of stuff and it was very hard to pick just one, but I settled on this cute little kitty ring.

She's got wonderful stickers and magnets, cute jewelry, and even stuff for your favorite pet!! Not to mention bobby pins and other cute things.

Definitely worth a drop by, even just to get your fill of cute for the day. Hope you like my picks, there are plenty more to be shown this Christmas season, and I plan to show off all my wonderful stuff. ^.^