Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Delicious Giveaway

This giveaway is from the amazing DoubleDippedSweets. And now I really want to go buy some of the awesome Valentine's sweets. ^_^ I want her Valentines Oreos SO BAD!!!!!

And these Valentine's Chocolate Caramel Pretzle
That's right. I haven't done a giveaway in awhile, so I'm going to show off this delicious Etsy seller, and encourage you to go check out the giveaway HERE. Sticks.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Clay Making Tips #1

Ok, So I'm going to start a small series of some amazing tips that monsterkookies put out on Deviantart.

She has an amazing gallery that you should check out, and not to mention her cute items that are listed in her Etsy shop.

On to the wonderful tips that she so generously posted. You can find the original post HERE, and I highly suggest not only checking it out but also checking out comments on it that people have made.

Here is a copy of the post she made:

"I often get a lot of questions about the way I use clay, and I thought it would be fun to give you a bunch of random tips that can make things a bit easier and look much better! I use many of these tips myself, so I hope that you will find them useful!

- Your work surface is extremely important. I find that working with your clay on a ceramic tile works best, but you can use marble or granite or even a piece of glass. This is great because the clay doesn't stick very easily. Plastic is okay, but it isn't the best.

- Keep your work surface dust free. Dust is your enemy. It is everywhere! Before you work with your clay, give your work surface a nice big wipe with some paper towel and a bit of rubbing alcohol or get some of those alcohol wipes. This gets off any surface dirt that may be on the surface as well as the dreaded dust.

- Your hands need to be as dust free as your work surface. What I do is wash my hands with dishsoap before I start, and than I either air dry my hands in front of my fan or I wipe them with paper towels. Don't use towels - they are LOADED with fuzzies. Keep a good supply of cheap papertowel. I use the "Green" papertowel that is made from recycable materials because it is better for the environment.

- Your hands are dirtier than they look! Do yourself a favour and keep a white piece of clay on hand to wipe your hands and work surface with before you start. You can use this piece over and over again. You don't HAVE to use white, but if you do use white you can really SEE that it is working. You'll be surprised how dirty it gets after awhile.

- Before you begin, you need some clay! I would recommend buying one pack of each type of brand and see what clay you really like. This way, you don't buy ten colours of one brand and figure out you don't like it. A lot of people find that Sculpey III and Fimo Soft are the best brands to start out with because they are easy to work with.

- Richer colours stain your hands, such as blue, black, and red. When you go to use a lighter colour, this residue from the richer shades will discolour your lighter shades. To avoid this, you may want to do all your sculpting and shaping with the lighter shades first, and than use the darker ones. Or just wipe your hands down after each colour with some rubbing alcohol and paper towel and than give that scrap white piece of clay a little bit of a knead to get all that crud off your fingers.

- Your hands and fingers are your friends. Look at all the beautiful work they do! Take care of them. All that clay handling and washing of the hands can take it's toll. When you aren't working with clay, give those hands of yours some nice treatment. Keep your nails maintained, keep your hands soft with some cream of some sort, and be nice to them and they will keep working for you for a long time!

- The most expensive tools aren't always the best. In fact, I don't think I own anything spectacular. Things like toothbrushes, safety pins, and toothpicks are your best tools!

- No matter how clean your hands and surface are, white clay always seems to attract the most dust. However, there is a way around this. Before you begin to bake your clay, get a cotton swab and dip it in some rubbing alcohol, and give the white a little bit of a wipe. The swab picks up all the dust and leaves the surface nice and clean!

- If you hate fingerprints on your pieces, get yourself some of those surgical gloves. If they are too big and bulky or make the process more difficult, get yourself some "finger cots" to cover your thumb and index fingers. You use these fingers the most.

- Liquid cay is great for smoothing out imperfections. Just put a tiny bit on the clay and rub it in. Another good way is to use rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to get a smoother surface.

- A fantastic way to slice canes is with a thin piece of wire! Or a one of those wire cheese cutters. Heh.

:tp: I would invest in an acrylic roller for rolling out clay. Wooden rollers really stain up easily and aren't too smooth. Instead of rolling out clay on your surface, lay down a ziploc baggie, some tracing paper, or parchment paper to roll on. It won't stick.

- When cutting canes, it is best to either put them in a freezer first and slice them when their cold to reduce distortion, OR you can bake a small piece of the cane at once, and slice it while it is hot right out of the oven. This completely gets rid of distortion since the clay is already set!

What do you think? Should I give more tips again sometime?

Want to see my work? Check out my website at You can look through my gallery to see my past work or you can check out my shop to see what's in stock. For those of you who don't use Etsy, you can also just get it directly through me. I am always taking commissions!"

As you can see her stuff is incredible and she knows what she is talking about. Those mechanical looking hearts are made out of clay. Her tips have certainly helped me out a lot, and I hope they help you too! Stay tuned for the rest of her posts, or check out her deviantart and find the articles yourself if you find yourself impatient! ^_^

Thursday, January 22, 2009

There's Not Much to Say

So I'm going to show you Sir Edworth Lawrence the First.

Store not available

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Treasury

WOW. Ok so I was totally planning on sharing some amazing tips on making clay from an awesome artist on Etsy...and then I check my Etsy today and I have a convo.

What is it?

Someone just randomly picked me for a treasury!!! This someone happened to be Swiediebie. And must I say suuuper cute store. Her items are amazing!

My item is the little mushroom charm on the right side. :3

So I have to show some of her shway cute stuff because I'm so grateful for her picking me to be in her treasury, and again, her stuff is adorable.

Super unfortunately there is no link to the treasury (probably expired) >< But it was nice of her anyways!

I'll just show off this cute little felt cake on the left, and an adorable little watermelon cakey treat yummy thing on the right.

She also makes the most adorable little monster things. LOVE IT!!!!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Stuff

So I'm putting more stuff in my artfire shop. And I wanted to show it off!!!


Wish I had some more interesting things to post. I think I might be getting sick. Hope I'm not.

Store not available

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lemon/Lime/Orange Tutorial

So lately I've bee having an urge to try out making some food products. I wanted to make some strawberry, kiwi, orange and lime canes. Alas, I don't do food. I would rather make little clay animals. So I have no idea how.

In all my extensive searching, imagine this: I came across a GREAT tutorial that one of the girls I watch on deviantart had made!! Lol.

Next time I think I'll just search the wonderful artists on deviantart before I look elsewhere lol.

It is MotherMayIjewelry who makes this wonderful tutorial, and I know it's going to help me when I finally decide to brave a cane like this. :D

Awesome, I know. Either click on the image so you can see it full sized, or go to her original deviation.

She does some of the most amazing stuff. Like these CUTE cookie necklaces. I snagged the pink one...hee hee. But the beautiful white one is still for sale in her etsy shop.

And up top we've got a cute little cupcake that she used some of her limes on. *squee* I love her work!!! Thanks so much, MotherMayIJewelry, for letting me feature your tutorial!

I've decided I like much better using other people's tutorials. One because some of these things I'm just learning myself, and two I get to show off all of the wonderful clay artists I have met and give credit to their amazing work. :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm Pretty Freaked Out

So I worked with a sexual predator...apparently.

STORY: I started this new job at a new vet clinic, right? So today, oddly enough, I discovered that I'm going to be working with a girl who did an externship at my old clinic. Crazy huh?? So that was pretty cool cuz I like this girl.

She tells me they got rid of Dr. Littledike, unfortunately the poor man was getting pretty senile but he's a nice dude. Then she laughs and tells me Dr. Durrant got arrested.

I'm thinking oh what now? But I'm laughing in my head because he's just like that. WEIRD stuff happened to him all the time because he was so scatterbrained and going a million miles a minute.

Then she tells me "Apparently he like little boys and Viagra." And I just got into shock. I'm like "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???" and she tells me no, it was in the news.

SO I'm freaking out because this is TOO WEIRD. I mean, I really liked this guy! He was a great vet. I'm really creeped out.

When I get home I look online for the story. I guess he met a boy in an online chat room, and traded meds for sexual favors, and then the boy invited his friends. OHMYCREEPY. And sick. And wrong. And I worked with this guy!!!

And I guess he also got a viagra prescription by singing it for a pet. I hope it wasn't his dog Buddy...Buddy was an awesome little dog. I wonder how he is.

So ew. ewewewewewewew. I really can't tell you how disturbed I am.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Artfire and Computer Stuff

So I recently have been introduced to a site called Artfire. It's sort of like Etsy, but I've noticed it has a lot more features that I really enjoy and find useful. Like it's little stat tracker, and the fact that they will be implementing shop blogs. ^_^

So I set up a shop there. My favorite feature is that it is free!! I paid the $7 for the artist stimulus pack. It's cheaper than Etsy's listing fees for a month of listing/relisting. I'm keeping my Etsy shop and some things in it, just becuase Etsy is more popular and it is good exposure. But I really would rather use Artfire.

I haven't been able to put up my banner or avatar yet, but my power cable should be arriving today!!!! So that means my computer might be fixed. :D I've only listed two items but keep a lookout, I'll be posting more when my computer gets all unbrokified.

Store not available

Monday, January 5, 2009

Just Because

I just got 20 watchers and I'm sure I'll lose them all for this...but it's too good to pass.

I ran across some AMAZINGLY hilariuos critiques and parodies of the Twilight series. Don't mean to piss anyone off here but if you actually thought that writing was good..I guess that's you're opinion, and I do opologize for offending...but if this was Harry Potter (which I like) I would still make just as much fun of it.'s some fact.



I seriously CAN'T stop laughing.

Need proof? Go HERE and scroll down to the Chapter 5: "Isle Esme" summary. It has direct quotes from the fourth book.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Can I Be Random..

....for just a moment?

Mostly because I haven't been posting anything lately. My computer part still hasn't come in...they didn't even register our order so five days after we ordered the part and checked on it, they told us it didn't go through. UGH!

Anyways...I got my job!! YAY. I start on Monday at the vet clinic, and I will be doing float work, which is exactly what I wanted.

Some random thoughts...

-It's hard to get any work done on my husband's computer. I don't like Vista at all, actually. I want my XP back!!!

-I miss my music. My husband doesn't have the Zune software or most of my music on his computer so I can't listen to any of my new stuff since I didn't sync my new music with my Zune before my computer exploded.

-I did get to order some more fun stuff off Etsy which I will probably feature. :P

-I don't like blogging on someone else's computer.

-I'm playing WoW again..unfortunately. :( But it's been wonderful to talk to my brother on Vent and feel like we're hanging out playing WoW together even though he lives in Cali.

-"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is HILARIOUS and my new favorite show. Man it is so random and weird.

-My sleep schedule is RETARDED. Even though I've finally been able to fall asleep around 3am (which is really early for me as opposed to like, 10am), I still can't wake up before 4pm. WTF??? Hopefully my new job will help me wake up at a descent hour. Or at least help me to only get around 8 hours of sleep instead of 14!!!

-I hope we get to move out in the next few months. I really am hating it here and the mice in the vents really are starting to bother me more and more.

That's the end of my random thoughts.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

So I haven't been posting a lot...I super computer exploded and the part to fix it might not arrive til next week. However, when it does I will be posting some clay tutorials. I have yet to make my own tutorials (I'm terrified the picture quality will be so bad the tutorial will completely SUCK) so I will be featuring other people's. But they're good ones. ^_^

ANYWAYS. New Year's Eve was awesome. We got some new board games for Christmas and last night we played a new game called Android. I'll tell you a little about it, though I doubt most people will be interested.

Android is porduced by Fantasy Flight, who make my all time favorite board game: Arkham Horror. They also make some of the most complicated games you will ever play.

If you're in to board games hardcore style...this is definitely for you. It got AMAZING reviews and is a really fun, competitive game. It's for about 3-5 and I don't recommend playing with less than 5 players after you learn how to play.

The premise is you each play an investigator who is trying to solve a crime scene. The crime is the same for everyone, and so are the suspects. Everyone has different "hunches" (hunch cards that award points for either convicting a suspect or proving them innocent) about the suspects, and I gotta tell you, convicting the killer doesn't necisarrily win you the game. It sure does help, however.

Now this game is INTENSE and has an extremely high learning curve because there is SO much going on at all times. Not only do you have to uncover clues to convict the suspect your character thinks is guilty, but you also have "plot" cards that your character has to deal with.

These plot cards are basically a character's personal life/issues interfering with his/her investigation. Along with these each character has individual cards that only they start with. One character is mentally unstable, one is a gambler with a card that deals with her money issues, one has problems with people in his past and his card deals with his memories etc. etc.

They make for really fun flavor text and add so much to the character development. They also give other players strategies to try and hinder any other character. Another thing you deal with is each character has light and dark cards, where you can play light cards on yourself and dark cards on other characters. Again trying to hinder them, and help yourself.

One more thing going on is there is a "conspiracy" puzzle, where instead of getting points to convict someone you can try to uncover a piece of the puzzle and uncover the conspiracies connected with the murder.

So needless to say it is one beefy game. Unfortunately it feels like they got a little overzealous with all these innovative new ideas that they had and just shoved them all in to one game. It's like, man, you could have maybe come out with two games and split all these ideas between the two and they both would be amazing. Also, the way they implemented all these new mechanics makes it so that you simply can't ignore any of the elements. I tried to ignore the conspiracy and focus on convicting my suspect, and that screwed me a bit. My husband took all his time playing my dark cards, and uncovering the puzzle and that screwed him over. Another friend tried not to play anyone's dark cards and that wound up screwing him a bit. So you can't ignore any of the elements in the game...which is annoying and cool at the same time.

Overall a great game, but certainly a game you have to play to learn. And even more so a game you need to play a few times to reeeeally enjoy.