Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm Pretty Freaked Out

So I worked with a sexual predator...apparently.

STORY: I started this new job at a new vet clinic, right? So today, oddly enough, I discovered that I'm going to be working with a girl who did an externship at my old clinic. Crazy huh?? So that was pretty cool cuz I like this girl.

She tells me they got rid of Dr. Littledike, unfortunately the poor man was getting pretty senile but he's a nice dude. Then she laughs and tells me Dr. Durrant got arrested.

I'm thinking oh what now? But I'm laughing in my head because he's just like that. WEIRD stuff happened to him all the time because he was so scatterbrained and going a million miles a minute.

Then she tells me "Apparently he like little boys and Viagra." And I just got into shock. I'm like "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???" and she tells me no, it was in the news.

SO I'm freaking out because this is TOO WEIRD. I mean, I really liked this guy! He was a great vet. I'm really creeped out.

When I get home I look online for the story. I guess he met a boy in an online chat room, and traded meds for sexual favors, and then the boy invited his friends. OHMYCREEPY. And sick. And wrong. And I worked with this guy!!!

And I guess he also got a viagra prescription by singing it for a pet. I hope it wasn't his dog Buddy...Buddy was an awesome little dog. I wonder how he is.

So ew. ewewewewewewew. I really can't tell you how disturbed I am.


Beat Black said...

yuck! that IS disturbing. I had a similar thing happen to me. It was my cooking teacher. Apparently he diddled little boys too....

whats wrong with people?!!?

penguinsplunder said...

I don't know!! I'm so sorry to hear that. :/