Sunday, January 4, 2009

Can I Be Random..

....for just a moment?

Mostly because I haven't been posting anything lately. My computer part still hasn't come in...they didn't even register our order so five days after we ordered the part and checked on it, they told us it didn't go through. UGH!

Anyways...I got my job!! YAY. I start on Monday at the vet clinic, and I will be doing float work, which is exactly what I wanted.

Some random thoughts...

-It's hard to get any work done on my husband's computer. I don't like Vista at all, actually. I want my XP back!!!

-I miss my music. My husband doesn't have the Zune software or most of my music on his computer so I can't listen to any of my new stuff since I didn't sync my new music with my Zune before my computer exploded.

-I did get to order some more fun stuff off Etsy which I will probably feature. :P

-I don't like blogging on someone else's computer.

-I'm playing WoW again..unfortunately. :( But it's been wonderful to talk to my brother on Vent and feel like we're hanging out playing WoW together even though he lives in Cali.

-"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is HILARIOUS and my new favorite show. Man it is so random and weird.

-My sleep schedule is RETARDED. Even though I've finally been able to fall asleep around 3am (which is really early for me as opposed to like, 10am), I still can't wake up before 4pm. WTF??? Hopefully my new job will help me wake up at a descent hour. Or at least help me to only get around 8 hours of sleep instead of 14!!!

-I hope we get to move out in the next few months. I really am hating it here and the mice in the vents really are starting to bother me more and more.

That's the end of my random thoughts.

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