Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Earring Giveaway?

Of course! Not from me, however, from the lovely Always Amy!

So if you're interested, go visit her blog. She explains how to enter for some awesome free earrings, which I want. ^_^

On to her shop!

Well I'm supposed to talk about two of my favorite sets of her earrings. But it's hard because she has so many. Hope she doesn't mind if I talk about more than two. ^_^ Up at the top there you see a pair of amazing looking pizza earrings. Did I say they're amazing? Because they are. ^_^ Definately my favorite pair. You wanna know why? How often do you see pizza earrings? And how often do people wear them? I'd like to wear them.

Now check out these nifty little bus earrings! I'm not particularly a fan of buses or vans or whatever but these are dang cute. I love weird things like this!!

Then on our left here we've got some delicious pretzels!!! More of something you just don't see in earrings. Pretzles are one of my favorite foods. Thumbs up for this.

Make sure to stop by her SHOP and check out her awesome earrings!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall is Upon Us

And I'm not so happy about it. As much as I thoroughly enjoy Halloween and October, my poor little California frame does not do well in the dry cold of Utah. Other than the cold, however, fall is my second favorite season. ^_^

Anyways, I thought I'd take this time to show off some of my fall crafting projects.

These are my Halloween charms. ^_^ I love candy corn...I love zombies, and I mostly love the new candy corn Hershey kisses that have come out. YUUUUUMMMM

And this was a little owl I did for my friend Laurie who, as you can guess, loves owls. ^_^ And some awesome 1UP and poison mushrooms. BEWWWAAAAAAAAAAREEEEE!!! Hee hee. All but one of the candy corns and the owl are for sale in my Etsy shop (there's a link here somewhere). But mostly I just thought I'd post a bit of my stuff.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dokapon Kingdom: party game extrodanairre

So yesterday we had some people over, and our friend decided to bring over his Wii and his newly purchased copy of Dokapon Kingdom.

Holy crap was it a blast to play.

No joke, if you have more than two people who want to play some mindless hilarious fun, go out and buy it right now. And if you don't have a Wii, it's available on the PS2.

Now, I had never heard of this game, and it was given my charge to play it first while the boys went off and played Anima.

Anyways, it's a very simple game to learn. You get to create your own character, and though the customization is highly limited, it's alright. It's a strictly 4 player game, but you can play with more or less people. So, honestly, it can be a loooong game to play.

There are only three job classes you can be when you start the game, no matter the level you start as: wizard, swordsman, and thief. They're pretty self explanatory. The swordsman warrior class is shown above.

Now you can change jobs in game by returning to your main castle, which is also what you do when you want to change your hairstyle or get some healing. The only thing is, however, you have to max out your current job level before new jobs will be opened up to you.

This is the king, his daughter and the hair stylist who kindly will change your hair cut when you feel like it, or when someone shaves your head. Returning to the castle also gets rid of the drawings people can put on your face.

The game is almost entirely self explanatory. Every time you start a new game it pops up a screen explaining everything you do, when you try to do.

See the evil purple thing in the picture above? He's a monster who's captured a town that you need to liberate. Which is MUCH easier said than done, especially your first time playing.

Now, when you move on to the blank squares you either get an event or a fight. It's totally random and you don't know what level monster it will be.
This just emphasizes how much of a luck based game this is. Which is funny but frustrating for someone who has TERRIBLE luck.

My biggest problem with the game is that it is ENTIRELY chance. There is almost no strategy involved at all, except try to fight and level up so that you can kill monsters and liberate towns. But even then, half the time you get random encounters instead of battles! And most of the encounters BLOW. So that ruins most of any "strategy" you try to make.

This frankenstein looking doctor came up to me in both games we played. The first time he just told me I was healthy and charged me 17,000gold for the "clean bill of health". I about crapped a brick.

You only start off the game with 1,000gold.

Not only that, but I stole from an enemy and got 50gold. Woot for me! Then the bastard stole from me and took 450gold. WTF!?!? The nice thing about the game, however, is that this kind of stuff is actually really hilarious while you're playing through, so you don't mind getting screwed most of the time.

Sometimes when an enemy kills you or if you fight another player and you win you can chose to humiliate them, which is awesome.

Poor Laurie got shaved bald, then I had to fight her and I drew all over her face so she looked hideous. She finally died and was going to go back to normal, but the enemy that killed her shaved her head again lol.

Well on to my breaking point.

As I told you, I got into debt. Never got out. The next game however,
the franken-doctor shows up again while I was poisoned. He heals me YAAAY!!!

But then charges me 30,000gold.


But whatever, it was so funny that it had happened twice I didn't care and couldn't stop laughing.
Then all of a sudden this chick starts stalking me:
Trying to play rock paper scissors to steal my money. I'm like "I have no money to steal!!" and literally she finds me 6 times, which prevents me from fighting monsters and leveling, and just piles on top of my already terrible luck.

I'm alright though, because I beat her every time! I'm amazing at virtual rock paper scissors. Finally some luck, right...?

Way later on in the game, after I have a revenge bat hovering over me, an item that's gonna kill me soon, and a warrant out for my arrest, Laurie gets put in to debt as well (from a game that we are all forced to play where the winner gets rich and the losers lose 60,000gold each), and the stupid rock paper scissors stalker finds her. Laurie looses... and guess what?

The girl feels bad for her and brings her out of debt.

Now that's just made of ass and fail.

So, I set down my controller, stood up and walked away. I was done. Only so much abuse is funny. I couldn't take it anymore. So our other friend took over my player, and guess what? He doesn't get out of debt but he liberates some towns and gets second place.

Hot damn the game hates me. lol.

But overall? I loved it. It was so fun losing that I didn't understand it.

I highly recomend it to anyone for a fabulously fun party game. Just try not to play it for more than several does get a little tedious. Especially when you're losing as badly as me. lol.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Twilight Rant

So here I go.

Everyone has been talking about the Twilight series. Everyone. And I saw a trailer for it the other day:

Twilight Movie Trailer

Looks rad, right?

I thought so too. My husband, Brooklynn, totally had the audio book downloaded, intending on listening to it after something else he's reading. So I think to myself "Let's check it out."

Well I will admit, for one thing I already had a problem with this "super attractive seductive vampire" being played by the uni brow bearing character from the 4th Harry Potter movie.
Is that a boy or girl in the background? I can't tell. But in all honesty, the guy is sort of growing on me, and it's not like I won't give the movie a chance.

Well, what happens, you may ask, as I am reading the first book. I can tell you. Nothing. ABSOLUTELY nothing. And that's the problem.

- The entire time it feels like this 30 year old pretending to be a 15 year old (or however old the main character is) who just is unhappy, bored, and boring.
For one thing, there was nothing in this book that spoke to me, at all. If I were a teenager, and trust me I'm not that far past being one, I would feel completely deprived.

I'm not saying all teens throughout the world
have to have the Internet or have to have a cell phone but honestly, who doesn't? I've seen 12 year olds who interact more with the world than this chick. She hardly uses the computer, listens to one CD, and reads one book, the ENTIRE NOVEL.

OK...I understand having no social life. I really do. I understand being depressed. But Even when I do nothing with my friends, or had no friends for a long while, I watched T.V., or drew, or read more books, or wrote in my journal, or I did SOMETHING. I didn't do nothing. Which is what this girl did all the time.

- Not only that, but the people in the novel were not characters. They were names. Not one of them had a distinct personality except the one vampire that disliked the main character. That's it. Everyone else was polite as pie, or sort of antagonistic. They all seemed the same.

It wasn't until midway through the book that the main character felt like she started to become a real girl. She started joking with this boy she's in love with. She started laughing and talking like a real person does.

Before that it was just "Hello Edward." Who says hello anymore unless they're joking? No one I know. Not even my grandpa.

There's my rant. Sorry fan girls and boys but the thing was terrible boring. The girl was depressed for a stupid reason for the first half of the book, and the only action happened in the last few chapters, which I will admit were pretty cool.

I just didn't like it. So sue me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogging EH?

So I've never really blogged before. But I'd like to try.

Plus it's a good place to put all my rants about books and movies and games and such. Just so that my poor husband doesn't have to listen to me too much. ^_^

So this is my first blog, and probably the shortest one I'll ever post. HAH!

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Well I started this as an advertising scheme in a way, so here's me advertising. lol