Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall is Upon Us

And I'm not so happy about it. As much as I thoroughly enjoy Halloween and October, my poor little California frame does not do well in the dry cold of Utah. Other than the cold, however, fall is my second favorite season. ^_^

Anyways, I thought I'd take this time to show off some of my fall crafting projects.

These are my Halloween charms. ^_^ I love candy corn...I love zombies, and I mostly love the new candy corn Hershey kisses that have come out. YUUUUUMMMM

And this was a little owl I did for my friend Laurie who, as you can guess, loves owls. ^_^ And some awesome 1UP and poison mushrooms. BEWWWAAAAAAAAAAREEEEE!!! Hee hee. All but one of the candy corns and the owl are for sale in my Etsy shop (there's a link here somewhere). But mostly I just thought I'd post a bit of my stuff.


Ragtree said...

Adorable! I especially love the pirate candy corn!

Renee :)

Contact said...


Rhinestic said...

Me love the owl! Very kawaii~~~

(and thanks for visiting my blog! ^.^)