Friday, June 15, 2012

Wacom Tablet Battle

Totally fell in love with this little Flip Flap Solar Powered Flower

I'm going to get one soon, it's really cheap too, like $4 with free shipping or some crap like that. WANT.

Man, I've been loading up on a bunch of frivolous stuff. And right when my husband wants to save money to get his business up and running lol. I think after this, though, I'll be all cool-item-bought-out for a bit, and I'll calm down on the spending. Maybe.

Anyways, I justify it because it's been my birthday week. So there.

I'm having a hard time with the layout of the pictures in this stupid blog sometimes. Whatever. Anyways, I've really been wanting to get a drawing tablet for myself, for like, a really long time. Problem is, we're always buying stupid crap so I never have the money for one.

I'm also split between tablets. 
I would love to get the new Wacom-Intuos5-Touch-Tablet (shown below) 
but it's pretty pricey, the cheapest I found on Amazon is $217 or something.
So probably my most viable option is 
to go with the Wacom-Bamboo-Connect-Tablet (below)
Which I can find for like, $69-ish. Lol...69....

I lose a lot with the price difference, however. The benefit to the Bamboo

is that it's cheap, and it gets the job done. I'm a beginner, for sure, and I
probably won't use all the fancy features of the Intuos 5 just yet, but I 
want to learn how to use all those fancy features. 

The Bamboo does have pressure sensitivity, but not with the eraser, 
and I don't believe you can use different nubs with the pen. 
It also doesn't have any tilt sensitivity, which I still probably
don't have to worry about that feature yet.

But I mean, if I'm spending $70-ish dollars on a slightly sub par
tablet, why not just  squirrel away that money and try to save up for the Intuos 5?

Well, I'm impatient, that's why. 

I may try to justify buying one to my husband by telling him it's for his business, which is mostly true. I do plan on doing concept art for him, and hopefully I can get decent at coloring. 

He gave our tablet to the artist we have hired, which was a bummer for me, good for our artist. So maybe we could buy a good one, give it to him and I could at least get the Wacom Intuos 3 back. So many options. All of which require money. ARRRRG

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Think Geek Birthday

My birthday presents finally came!!!
This awesome bubble wrap electronic keychain is so fun!!! It doesn't feel exactly like bubble wrap but it is so close!! It does make a strange noise after every 100 pops, like a scream or siren or some short, quiet little thing. It also has an electronic clicking noise it makes. I decided to take out the batteries because I found that annoying. The clicking noise it makes just by 'popping' the bubbles is satisfying enough!

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite gift!!! It is an electronic fish bowl, and is sooo cute. All you do is fill it up with water, and press a button on the top of the tank and the little thing just goes nuts and swims around! There are three different settings, one for 30 seconds, one for 90 and one for 5 minutes. During any of those times you can hit the button up top to make him spin around as well. And it glows!!! I'm totally putting this on my desk at work ^_^

We also got me a titanium straw, which I love. My friend's birthday is the same day as mine, so we got him a titanium spork (which he wants and entire set of these, so I'll probably get him one every holiday and birthday lol), miracle berries, which takes absolutely anything and makes it taste fabulous, something wonderful for bitter alcohol for sure, and a DIY juice to alcohol kit. Basically you can take any juice, and apply science and BAM you've got drunk in your junk. ?? that makes no sense. whatever.

If I could buy every gift for myself, I would buy it all from LOVE THEM.

Happy birthday to me!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just found this awesome video about if Marvel characters were in a Ren and Stimpy show. Loooove it!!

And I'm totally in love with the guys who do How it Should Have Ended

There's this video about the super hero cafe and Mario. Hahahah awesome.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Posting some fun pictures that I've found!!! Anything you see that you know the source to, please let me know so I can make sure to link to the proper place!!!

Absolutely Has some of the most hilarious pictures! Go check them out, I'm not even kidding it is worth it.

I fucking love science on Facebook has some of my all time favorite pictures ever, and I will probably be linking to them a lot. Please go Like them if you like these pictures, they are amazing!

Did I mention Carl Sagan is a boss?