Saturday, November 29, 2008

WoW, Scottie Dogs and Bacon: Christmas Buys #3

All right, more Chrismas buys!!! First up I will show one wonderful little tidbit I bought for my brother. This wonderful WoW (World of Warcraft) iron-on that I have featured above is made by Stichenmama.

My brother is a new father, as he just had his little girl this month. ^_^ Yay for being an auntie!!! I'm working on knitting her a blanket. hee hee. ANYWAYS, Stichenmama makes a lot of fun baby stuff. From iron ons to burp cloths to comfort packs, quality is key, and their shop is full of qaulity.

Now to our left here we have a gift I bought for my step mom. Aside from the fact that I might actually give these to someone else due to recent events they are GREAT.

These little gems are made by AmazonCreations. She has the CUTEST stuf earrings. They're all sort of a retro style but uber cute.

Not only that but she has these great fingerless gloves that I might need to break down and buy. ^_^ Plus a load of other great items. Amigurumi, hair decor, jewelry, scarves and so much more! I couldn't believe how much was in their shop when I actually checked it out!! I found these little dudes in a search for Scottie dogs, and when I finally visited the shop I couldn't believe what a find I had made!! I highly recommend you stop by and check out all their amazing goods.

Last but not least in this little post is the amazing Bacon buttons!!! I bought these great little items for my husband, as he usese the picture of this that is running rampant on the internet as a desktop background fairly often.

Push button, recieve awesome.

Made by the amazing Slevin11, I must admit it was hard to choose just one thing from their shop!!! Their buttons are awesome and there were so many I wanted, and so many that I knew my husband would love.

If you love Mario, Half Life, Pokemon...pretty much games in general this is the shop to visit. They've got magnets and buttons, and both can be bought in large quantities. Which is super tempting to me still. ^_^

Thanks for the amazing items've made my Christmas shopping much easier this year. :D

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Christmas Buys #2

So here I am again and I'm going to show you guys what I've been buying online for Christmas! These are my handmade Christmas shopping purchases.

First of all, The Fickle Pickle has such amazingly cute stuff it was hard to chose one thing to get. ^_^ My mother in law is a fan of hello kitty, so I decided to snag these cute hello kitties wearing ram costumes. They're cute and they're earring.

What I really want for myself are these cute cell phone charms, however. But tis the season for buying for others, not myself. SO I've been doing trades for some of the items that I want. ^_^

Allright then...on to my next buy!! Artsyathina has a lot of beautiful jewelry, but most importantly a lot of OWL jewelry.

You see, my good friend Laurie loves owls. And as I had already made her an owl charm I had to get her something new for Christmas. Perfect!!! Look at this wonderful vintage looking necklace. It's great. Artsyathina has listed 5 different beautiful owl necklaces in the same listing.

I bought #1 as I believe it is the style most suited to my friend, but it was hard to choose between all the different breeds and cute designs. I almost got #2 but decided green wasn't her color.

Oh boy. I can't tell you how hard it is to give these items away!! I want to keep them for myself lol. *sigh*

But they're wrapped and ready to go. Both sellers were great to communicate with and had fast shipping. The items were packed wonderfully, The Fickle Pickle ever threw in some cuuuute little stickers, and Arsyathina gave me some really cool tiny tags, which I used for the wrapping of her gift.

So go visit these wonderful sellers and see if someone in your life would benefit from their great products!!! Remember, these little owl necklaces are even on SALE!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tutorial #1/messy looking blog

So I was browsing deviantart yesterday, as I love to do, and I came across a wonderful artist, ChocoAng31! She does the coolest clay works. Being a clay artist myself I was happy to see that she had put up an awesome tutorial about fingerprints!!! -------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>

Considering I have no tutorials or great tips to share on my own, why not share some tips and promote her amazing work at the same time? Clever.

Or not so Unfortunately it's extremely small...SO please go visit her deviation for the FULL view of the tutorial, or simply click on the picture and it will full view in another window. ------------------------------>>>>>>>>>>>

Man, lately I have had so many problems with fingerprints in my clay. More than that, lint! I live in a dusty basement and there is so much lint that gets into my work it is frustrating. Well I asked Choco if she would let me feature her tutorial and she said yes. YAY!!! ^_^

Wow I'm retarded. Sorry for my lack of blogging skills lol.

<--- See this awesome kitty here? SO CUTE...and original!

And this cute little duck and egg charm?
LOVE it. Especially the little top hat and bow. ^_^

Anyhow, please go visit her deviantart page and check out all of her amazing work. ^_^ She's got some of the cutest stuff!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Christmas Shopping - and technorati...

Hmmm so anyone heard of Technorati? I was checking out Etsy forums today and someone posted asking how to make their blog more popular/get noticed. Well I need that! Then someone posted about Technorati. Well...there's a "claim your blog" button so I decided to use and wound up signing myself up for the site. *shrug*

Well let's see what it's all about eh? If you'd like to check it out yourself here's the LINK. Maybe we can hook up there as well!!! Lol.

Also I'm going to start showing off my Holliday buys from Etsy. First up is my most recent purchase from the wonderful Maytel! She's got some cute stuff, I want some of her cupcake fruity necklace but alas, I've already spent money on myself and I'll show you on what later.

For now here is her adorable cute truffle magnets I bought for my step dad. He's a huge fan of chocolates and I thought I would get him something to last a little longer this year. ^_^

Please visit her shop and her wonderful deviantart page, which is where she shows off many of her wonderful talents.

ALSO right now she's having a a SALE until December 5th, so get em while they're cheap!!

Here's a neat little button...if you do join technorati or already are on it, here's a little button to fav my blog! lol
Add to Technorati Favorites

Friday, November 21, 2008

Long TIme

Showcasing time!

Eep, it's been awhile since I've posted anything. So here's some recent charms I've made, because I can't think of anything clever to do.

I seriously need to take better pictures, which I'm hopefully going to work on today. Unfortunately I don't have that great of a camera. T_T So it's hard.

Also here's a nice little Christmas bracelet I made! Whooo.

And on the right here we've got another little bumble bee. MAN I love making these guys. They're so freaking cute.

Monday, November 17, 2008


So, I'm looking for a dayjob. ^_^ Christmas time is coming and the figure painting business is going to be really slow around this time of year I'm betting.

I'm applying to all sorts of places, Borders, Petco, the mall lol. Well, the Buckle specifically. Let's see who hires me!

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Don't Recycle

.....your newspapers anyways. Ok so I wanted to post something different today.

So today I ask anyone who reads this to please consider donating any newspapers you might want to recycle to an animal shelter where they will be put to good use.

I got offered a job at the Humane Society. I went into for my first day of work and realized, it just wasn't for me. I really need to get back into an actual vet clinic in order to have my multitasking scatterbrained needs met. The place is great, don't get me wrong, just not my thing.

BUT, being there reminded what a great need they, as does Animal Services and other animal shelters, have for donations!! Not money, but just your newspapers are GREATLY needed.

At the Society I went to they have to spay/neuter about 40-60 cats and dogs (and sometimes bunnies) per day. And every day they have to change the cages etc. for each animal. That's where your wonderful newspaper comes in handy.

And that does not include all of the animals out front that those looking to adopt see, these are the animals that haven't even been released to be adopted yet.

How many more are in the adoption center?

So please, don't recycle your old newspapers - please donate them to your local animal shelter!

For more info you can go to the Humane Society's home page, or look up the local Animal Services for your area - just type Animal Services - (your state here). Here's Utah's site.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Yay another giveaway. ^_^ This time it is from the blog In the Shadows, for Beat Black's shop. Fun! Go visit her shop. It's rad.

On to the giveaway! Go visit the blog listed above (link included) and check it out. It's easy.

As for Beat Black's I've seen her stuff around before and I had already faved her on Etsy before I found out about the giveaway.

She makes the coolest things, like these little truffle rings ^ up there, and to the left these awesome jawbreaker earrings.

But her unique style really shines with her little cupcake necklaces. This one here is just too cute. The facial expressions are priceless.

Now if you can't tell her truffles are my favorites, as I keep showing them with this truffle pendant that I'm personally hoping to snag some day, and these awesome little truffle stud earrings.

However not only are her expression filled cupcakes unique but so is her use of brains. Being a zombie fan and also fan of weird, unique things, these surely stand out.

This pendant in particular, as I like the way it is designed along with the fact that not only is it a brain, but a damaged brain.
So go visit her shop, check out the blog and maybe try to get yourself something awesome and free. ^_^

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Not sure if someone messed with my screen when we had people over for games last night but all my pictures look weird...I don't like the coloring and I don't know if it's my re-adjustments in photoshop or my monitor. *sigh*...

On a better note, we went in to Hot Topic yesterday to look for a hat and I found out that they sell petticoats!!! Or are selling them right now. Unfortunately they didn't have the style I wanted in black T_T but I'm still excited. They're even cheaper than I've seen them other places.

How does that happen?

Well I won't question it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Just a quick show-off of the latest clay creations I've been working on.

Man. Last night I was baking some of my clay stuff and we were watching a movie and I just now realized I forgot about it! Ugh I don't want to go look in the oven...luckily we live with the in-laws (which is why we're in the basement and partially why I forgot about them in the first place) and my mother-in-law turned the oven off. But I'm sure my stuff is toast T_T

And yes...I voted. ^_^

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Story

So I decided to share my depressing Halloween story....because my "friends" make me sad.

Don't worry, though, I'll post something happier tomorrow.

I wanted to throw a party on Halloween like I had a few years ago. So I invited everyone. Lots of people. Two people let me know they couldn't come. That's just fine, I don't care as long as I know. Well...midnight turns up and no one has come. One friend I had talked to earlier and offered to give him a ride (he's like a little brother to me, just turned 16) if he couldn't find one.

But then he wouldn't pick up my calls.

Another friend texted and asked what I was doing since I hadn't actually invited him (not because I don't like him just because I figured he wouldn't come). I asked him if he wanted to come. Never heard back from him.

Well I was pretty damn sad. At least my husband's best friend was there with us.

To the left is my husband in the Guy Faux (sp???) mask dressing up as anonymous, and our friend dressed as...well himself lol. Or his alternate personality, Grizmodious. He got a fake tattoo sleeve caught on his horn lol.

Anyways around 2am three of my husbands friends showed up and we wound up having a pretty fun time.

So there's my sad Halloween. Sad because it's my favorite holliday of the year and I wanted a reason to dress up, which is why I threw the party. I don't drink or party, so...what else is there to do?

I should have just gone trick or treating. Only...I didn't know if anyone would show up. I guess it hit me hard because honestly? I don't really have friends anymore. And it's not because I got married, my friends sort of started ditching me before that. So...anyone wanna be my friend? ^_^

<-----Anyways, here's me in my slutty candy corn costume. At least I got to dress up. I love dressing up. So since no one was there to see my costume I'm showing it here.

Last year I was this awesome little devil thing --->
A co-worker did my makeup all crazy for me. It was awesome. And yes...I took this pic in the bathroom at work lol.