Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Story

So I decided to share my depressing Halloween story....because my "friends" make me sad.

Don't worry, though, I'll post something happier tomorrow.

I wanted to throw a party on Halloween like I had a few years ago. So I invited everyone. Lots of people. Two people let me know they couldn't come. That's just fine, I don't care as long as I know. Well...midnight turns up and no one has come. One friend I had talked to earlier and offered to give him a ride (he's like a little brother to me, just turned 16) if he couldn't find one.

But then he wouldn't pick up my calls.

Another friend texted and asked what I was doing since I hadn't actually invited him (not because I don't like him just because I figured he wouldn't come). I asked him if he wanted to come. Never heard back from him.

Well I was pretty damn sad. At least my husband's best friend was there with us.

To the left is my husband in the Guy Faux (sp???) mask dressing up as anonymous, and our friend dressed as...well himself lol. Or his alternate personality, Grizmodious. He got a fake tattoo sleeve caught on his horn lol.

Anyways around 2am three of my husbands friends showed up and we wound up having a pretty fun time.

So there's my sad Halloween. Sad because it's my favorite holliday of the year and I wanted a reason to dress up, which is why I threw the party. I don't drink or party, so...what else is there to do?

I should have just gone trick or treating. Only...I didn't know if anyone would show up. I guess it hit me hard because honestly? I don't really have friends anymore. And it's not because I got married, my friends sort of started ditching me before that. So...anyone wanna be my friend? ^_^

<-----Anyways, here's me in my slutty candy corn costume. At least I got to dress up. I love dressing up. So since no one was there to see my costume I'm showing it here.

Last year I was this awesome little devil thing --->
A co-worker did my makeup all crazy for me. It was awesome. And yes...I took this pic in the bathroom at work lol.

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Rhinestic said...

=\ You must have felt very disappointed... Cheer up, cheer up~~ At least you get to dress up! You look really pretty in the first photo! (Halloween isn't an official holiday over here.. heh~ everyone i know doesn't celebrate halloween so don't really have the chance to dress up...)