Sunday, November 9, 2008


Yay another giveaway. ^_^ This time it is from the blog In the Shadows, for Beat Black's shop. Fun! Go visit her shop. It's rad.

On to the giveaway! Go visit the blog listed above (link included) and check it out. It's easy.

As for Beat Black's I've seen her stuff around before and I had already faved her on Etsy before I found out about the giveaway.

She makes the coolest things, like these little truffle rings ^ up there, and to the left these awesome jawbreaker earrings.

But her unique style really shines with her little cupcake necklaces. This one here is just too cute. The facial expressions are priceless.

Now if you can't tell her truffles are my favorites, as I keep showing them with this truffle pendant that I'm personally hoping to snag some day, and these awesome little truffle stud earrings.

However not only are her expression filled cupcakes unique but so is her use of brains. Being a zombie fan and also fan of weird, unique things, these surely stand out.

This pendant in particular, as I like the way it is designed along with the fact that not only is it a brain, but a damaged brain.
So go visit her shop, check out the blog and maybe try to get yourself something awesome and free. ^_^


Beat Black said...

hey :)
thanks so much for writing this post, its so fun! your in for 8 entries so best of luck to ya.

penguinsplunder said...

yaaay Thanks!!!