Saturday, November 29, 2008

WoW, Scottie Dogs and Bacon: Christmas Buys #3

All right, more Chrismas buys!!! First up I will show one wonderful little tidbit I bought for my brother. This wonderful WoW (World of Warcraft) iron-on that I have featured above is made by Stichenmama.

My brother is a new father, as he just had his little girl this month. ^_^ Yay for being an auntie!!! I'm working on knitting her a blanket. hee hee. ANYWAYS, Stichenmama makes a lot of fun baby stuff. From iron ons to burp cloths to comfort packs, quality is key, and their shop is full of qaulity.

Now to our left here we have a gift I bought for my step mom. Aside from the fact that I might actually give these to someone else due to recent events they are GREAT.

These little gems are made by AmazonCreations. She has the CUTEST stuf earrings. They're all sort of a retro style but uber cute.

Not only that but she has these great fingerless gloves that I might need to break down and buy. ^_^ Plus a load of other great items. Amigurumi, hair decor, jewelry, scarves and so much more! I couldn't believe how much was in their shop when I actually checked it out!! I found these little dudes in a search for Scottie dogs, and when I finally visited the shop I couldn't believe what a find I had made!! I highly recommend you stop by and check out all their amazing goods.

Last but not least in this little post is the amazing Bacon buttons!!! I bought these great little items for my husband, as he usese the picture of this that is running rampant on the internet as a desktop background fairly often.

Push button, recieve awesome.

Made by the amazing Slevin11, I must admit it was hard to choose just one thing from their shop!!! Their buttons are awesome and there were so many I wanted, and so many that I knew my husband would love.

If you love Mario, Half Life, Pokemon...pretty much games in general this is the shop to visit. They've got magnets and buttons, and both can be bought in large quantities. Which is super tempting to me still. ^_^

Thanks for the amazing items've made my Christmas shopping much easier this year. :D

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