Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tutorial #1/messy looking blog

So I was browsing deviantart yesterday, as I love to do, and I came across a wonderful artist, ChocoAng31! She does the coolest clay works. Being a clay artist myself I was happy to see that she had put up an awesome tutorial about fingerprints!!! -------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>

Considering I have no tutorials or great tips to share on my own, why not share some tips and promote her amazing work at the same time? Clever.

Or not so Unfortunately it's extremely small...SO please go visit her deviation for the FULL view of the tutorial, or simply click on the picture and it will full view in another window. ------------------------------>>>>>>>>>>>

Man, lately I have had so many problems with fingerprints in my clay. More than that, lint! I live in a dusty basement and there is so much lint that gets into my work it is frustrating. Well I asked Choco if she would let me feature her tutorial and she said yes. YAY!!! ^_^

Wow I'm retarded. Sorry for my lack of blogging skills lol.

<--- See this awesome kitty here? SO CUTE...and original!

And this cute little duck and egg charm?
LOVE it. Especially the little top hat and bow. ^_^

Anyhow, please go visit her deviantart page and check out all of her amazing work. ^_^ She's got some of the cutest stuff!

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Rhinestic said...

I must have too much "Naruto" in my brain... ><.. The Hello Kitty reminds me of Zetsu from the Akatsuki, just that the while and black has switched position. =P

Very cute though~~~ (It'll be interesting to have an Akatsuki range of Hello Kitty... O.O)