Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Christmas Buys #2

So here I am again and I'm going to show you guys what I've been buying online for Christmas! These are my handmade Christmas shopping purchases.

First of all, The Fickle Pickle has such amazingly cute stuff it was hard to chose one thing to get. ^_^ My mother in law is a fan of hello kitty, so I decided to snag these cute hello kitties wearing ram costumes. They're cute and they're earring.

What I really want for myself are these cute cell phone charms, however. But tis the season for buying for others, not myself. SO I've been doing trades for some of the items that I want. ^_^

Allright then...on to my next buy!! Artsyathina has a lot of beautiful jewelry, but most importantly a lot of OWL jewelry.

You see, my good friend Laurie loves owls. And as I had already made her an owl charm I had to get her something new for Christmas. Perfect!!! Look at this wonderful vintage looking necklace. It's great. Artsyathina has listed 5 different beautiful owl necklaces in the same listing.

I bought #1 as I believe it is the style most suited to my friend, but it was hard to choose between all the different breeds and cute designs. I almost got #2 but decided green wasn't her color.

Oh boy. I can't tell you how hard it is to give these items away!! I want to keep them for myself lol. *sigh*

But they're wrapped and ready to go. Both sellers were great to communicate with and had fast shipping. The items were packed wonderfully, The Fickle Pickle ever threw in some cuuuute little stickers, and Arsyathina gave me some really cool tiny tags, which I used for the wrapping of her gift.

So go visit these wonderful sellers and see if someone in your life would benefit from their great products!!! Remember, these little owl necklaces are even on SALE!!!


Sapphire&Ice said...

OMG! Absolutely adorable! Loved your choices!
Your Friend,

Morgen said...

You sound like you have as much fun as I do finding gifts on Etsy. So many sweet and unique things to choose from.
Awesome picks:)