Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Youtube Fun

Spent the entire day yesterday just looking at video shorts on Youtube. So many good ones!!!

'The Maker'
Beautiful short...just really beautiful

Amazing short about discrimination, kind of...don't want to spoil the end though....seriously want to go check out their other animations

'Heavenly Appeals'
Super cute short about judgement. Hope this is the original.

And of course, Partly Cloudy is super cute.

'Dragon Boy'
More cuteness. Sometimes the princess saves the dragon in the end.

'Switch' - Fun with blank rooms and light switches

I'm in love with this art style. His smile at the end is adorable.

'Second Wind'
Not sure I understand this but it's beautiful anyways.

'The Butterfly Dragon'

Monday, December 3, 2012

Customer Service

It's official...I'm on the customer service schedule T_T I wonder if they're going to take me off the front desk for good.

They haven't really told me.

Here's some pictures to hopefully brighten all of our days!!

Ok, I know this is sue me...

Every time man. Every time.

someone made this with those melty bead things. I don't know what they're called.
All I know is that this is epic. 
My first RPG ever...met one of my best friends while he played this game, and then he had me run around and I nearly had a heart attack when I got into a battle. 
Love you Chrono Trigger. 
Love you.

Story of my life.
I like to pretend I don't care that I'm not cool.
But I care.