Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I really enjoyed the new Batman movie. And I gotta say Anne Hathaway did WAY better than I expected.

It's terrible about the shooting though. Psychos are going to soon ruin everything I love. People are going to blame all forms of entertainment for this. Can't they understand that crazy people are just extremists who take whatever it is they love or hate and twist it?

That doesn't mean movies or comics or games or guns make people do horrible things, or want to do horrible things. It means a dickhead wanted to do a douchebag thing and used these things to fuel his fire. Anyone remember D & D back in the day and what a bad rap that got from psycho enthusiasts trying to escape and change reality?

Anyways...Batman. Awesome.

Fear the Bane Kitty I tell you. Fear him.

This guy, Harley's Joker is the most amazing Joker cosplay ever. Seriously. Amazing cosplays come from matching a personality to a costume. Fitting a body type/face helps a ton, but it's more the attitude of the costume that makes it feel like the real thing.

Not only does this guy have a wicked Joker physique/perfectly compatible face (IMHO) but he's got that insane smile and craziness down too. It just sells the whole thing.

Anyone ever actually watch the OG Batman? I remember it. It may have been a little before my time...but I hit the end of it and remember how cool it was.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


What are we celebrating? 
Just do it. Take some fancy beverage and drink the shit out of it.

A Lannister knows how to take care of dem bitches. amiright??

Fan gril breakdown over this Thor. 
Better than Chris Hemsworth by far. Except...well...he's a picture. But you know, for as close as I'll ever get to Chris Hemsworth, Chris is just a moving picture in my mind. So...you know...take that.

Anyways, if anyone can link me to this artist's site, I will give you a cookie, and then go worship him forever because this is BADASS.

On a more...different? note...I'm determined to try this with my garbage can. Or turn it into R2D2. Can't decide which.

And then there's this.
Oh nazis, you so crazy.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hur Hur Hur

Really nothing to say...been doing some QA stuff for our website at work. It's pretty cool ya? *If you could hear the voice I'm making when I say that, it's much funnier*

 This guy. Right here. He knows what's going on.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nerd Post

Ok so yesterday I went through Being a Geek's facebook and found some nice chunks of nerdy gold. I've been feeling pretty nerd-tastic lately so I'll let it all out.

This reminds me of my poor husband...he's one of the only ones who will DM for us..lol. I know I'm not going to. But it puts a damper on things because I don't ever actually get to play with him. I'm always playing against him... :(

I cannot properly express how many pictures I have on my computer. Let's just say I've been collecting them since 2001...

Come on, who doesn't like the TICK????

Grizzo...this one's for you, buddy. Let's stick with 3.5....

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ok so I know this is totally weird, but I loooove the smell of Camel cigarettes. Maybe it's something to do with my childhood, and them reminding me of the few visits I had with my dad when I was a kid. 

Either way this is pretty funny. I wanna draw this on my friend's cigarette sometime. Silly smokers...

Not lying when I say, I only ever use capslock when I'm really upset about something. Or if I do not have access to italics. How else can you emphasis your sincerity without those kind of tools???
This is me...giggling. Ack...Star Wars...gotta love it.

Do you see the pure talent here? Man...who has the ability to do this? Huh? I want to start drinking coffee beverages just to have someone serve me this.

Whatever. I seriously need to change the layout of this stupid blog to give room for more pictures. I hate them stacking up vertically like this! It looks retarded. :(

Friday, July 13, 2012

I need caffeine...

Wow I'm so tired today. Not to mention unmotivated.
Actually, even if I wasn't tired, I'd still be unmotivated. I mean..it is Friday I guess.

Too bad I actually hate the taste of coffee, or espresso, or any of those bleeeeh things. I wish I did like it. I could use the kick in the pants. Stayed up way too late last night.

I would like to put this up at work...but I know NO ONE will get it. lol 

Such is the life of a nerd living the world of..well...what are people who aren't nerds? I guess the cool kids? I don't know.

I do know everyone here dresses all nice with trendy clothes and crazy colored jeans (I guess that's a thing now) with nice done hair and makeup. I mean, I do my makeup and all, but I feel like a fraud. I don't wear nice things.

I had to go out and buy like, nice clothes and stuff when I go this job. I am a receptionist at this jean selling place. And I don't even have nice jeans. They were like, $20 at..well I dunno where I go them. Everyone is shocked I don't wear Vault jeans but...I don't want to spend $50+ on jeans! DAMNIT MAN I could be buying a levitating Tardis!

Or a case of Bawls (on sale!)
Which would solve my caffeine problem.

Just kidding though. I wouldn't spend that much on Bawls, either. Though I buy enough singles over a few months that it might be worth it....hmm....

Anyways. See this Tardis box? Screw the ring. I NEED to make this box. If I can manage to paint straight lines, it is possible.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


WARNING: Game of Thrones spoilers on one of the videos, and the last video is pretty offensive.

"Some Study That I Used to Know" Gotye. If you've ever seen the real music video, it's CREEPY as hell. At least this guy has a less ugly face. hahaha

Game of Thrones Parody - AWESOME song. I laughed SO HARD

Ok, this is pretty offensive and racist towards everyone...but I love how ridiculous it is

You Look Fine

Just found some awesome pictures online. I don't have anything clever or important to say. I went boating this last weekend and am sore as crap. 

These are the only cool kid things I ever did. But they were AMAZING

How did anyone ever think this was a good saying?? I'm more like a thunderstorm when I wake up. Messy, loud and grumpy.

I think I'm both of these guys on a daily basis lol.

Oh batman you Debbie Downer.

Friday, July 6, 2012

DC Dictionary

DC apparently made a book to help kids learn words. 

It        is       RIDICULOUS

It is so good to know that Robin can please the joker in his dungeon


Stupid kid. Don't you know how much he likes his Black Canary paintings???

I hope that wasn't my garden. I sure do love my beets.


I'm sorry but WUT!?!?