Thursday, July 26, 2012


What are we celebrating? 
Just do it. Take some fancy beverage and drink the shit out of it.

A Lannister knows how to take care of dem bitches. amiright??

Fan gril breakdown over this Thor. 
Better than Chris Hemsworth by far. Except...well...he's a picture. But you know, for as close as I'll ever get to Chris Hemsworth, Chris is just a moving picture in my mind. know...take that.

Anyways, if anyone can link me to this artist's site, I will give you a cookie, and then go worship him forever because this is BADASS.

On a more...different? note...I'm determined to try this with my garbage can. Or turn it into R2D2. Can't decide which.

And then there's this.
Oh nazis, you so crazy.

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