Friday, July 13, 2012

I need caffeine...

Wow I'm so tired today. Not to mention unmotivated.
Actually, even if I wasn't tired, I'd still be unmotivated. I is Friday I guess.

Too bad I actually hate the taste of coffee, or espresso, or any of those bleeeeh things. I wish I did like it. I could use the kick in the pants. Stayed up way too late last night.

I would like to put this up at work...but I know NO ONE will get it. lol 

Such is the life of a nerd living the world of..well...what are people who aren't nerds? I guess the cool kids? I don't know.

I do know everyone here dresses all nice with trendy clothes and crazy colored jeans (I guess that's a thing now) with nice done hair and makeup. I mean, I do my makeup and all, but I feel like a fraud. I don't wear nice things.

I had to go out and buy like, nice clothes and stuff when I go this job. I am a receptionist at this jean selling place. And I don't even have nice jeans. They were like, $20 at..well I dunno where I go them. Everyone is shocked I don't wear Vault jeans but...I don't want to spend $50+ on jeans! DAMNIT MAN I could be buying a levitating Tardis!

Or a case of Bawls (on sale!)
Which would solve my caffeine problem.

Just kidding though. I wouldn't spend that much on Bawls, either. Though I buy enough singles over a few months that it might be worth it....hmm....

Anyways. See this Tardis box? Screw the ring. I NEED to make this box. If I can manage to paint straight lines, it is possible.


jeans for women said...

your blog is amazing. new follower!

Penguin'sPlunder said...

Oh wow, I just saw this, thanks so much!!!