Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I really enjoyed the new Batman movie. And I gotta say Anne Hathaway did WAY better than I expected.

It's terrible about the shooting though. Psychos are going to soon ruin everything I love. People are going to blame all forms of entertainment for this. Can't they understand that crazy people are just extremists who take whatever it is they love or hate and twist it?

That doesn't mean movies or comics or games or guns make people do horrible things, or want to do horrible things. It means a dickhead wanted to do a douchebag thing and used these things to fuel his fire. Anyone remember D & D back in the day and what a bad rap that got from psycho enthusiasts trying to escape and change reality?

Anyways...Batman. Awesome.

Fear the Bane Kitty I tell you. Fear him.

This guy, Harley's Joker is the most amazing Joker cosplay ever. Seriously. Amazing cosplays come from matching a personality to a costume. Fitting a body type/face helps a ton, but it's more the attitude of the costume that makes it feel like the real thing.

Not only does this guy have a wicked Joker physique/perfectly compatible face (IMHO) but he's got that insane smile and craziness down too. It just sells the whole thing.

Anyone ever actually watch the OG Batman? I remember it. It may have been a little before my time...but I hit the end of it and remember how cool it was.

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