Monday, July 16, 2012

Ok so I know this is totally weird, but I loooove the smell of Camel cigarettes. Maybe it's something to do with my childhood, and them reminding me of the few visits I had with my dad when I was a kid. 

Either way this is pretty funny. I wanna draw this on my friend's cigarette sometime. Silly smokers...

Not lying when I say, I only ever use capslock when I'm really upset about something. Or if I do not have access to italics. How else can you emphasis your sincerity without those kind of tools???
This is me...giggling. Ack...Star Wars...gotta love it.

Do you see the pure talent here? Man...who has the ability to do this? Huh? I want to start drinking coffee beverages just to have someone serve me this.

Whatever. I seriously need to change the layout of this stupid blog to give room for more pictures. I hate them stacking up vertically like this! It looks retarded. :(

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