Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More Geekery

I'm feeling like a geeky post today is a good idea. I've been so useless the past few days...MAN I've done nothing. I should probably try to get some work done today o.0

This, right here, really awesome crossover. Who doesn't like Calvin and Hobbes. And who doesn't like Trigun. And who didn't want to see them like this??

I was reluctant to post this picture because I don't know who the artist is. But I absolutely love it. The Maxx is one of my all time childhood favorite comics that ever was or ever will be. Twisted, weird, and very moving. 
Oh Tifa, you slut. I'd never have the boobs to cosplay her...though she's my favorite video game character.

This, needs to happen. Justice friends was awesome and I would love to see a live action of this. ^_^

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