Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Christmas Shopping - and technorati...

Hmmm so anyone heard of Technorati? I was checking out Etsy forums today and someone posted asking how to make their blog more popular/get noticed. Well I need that! Then someone posted about Technorati. Well...there's a "claim your blog" button so I decided to use and wound up signing myself up for the site. *shrug*

Well let's see what it's all about eh? If you'd like to check it out yourself here's the LINK. Maybe we can hook up there as well!!! Lol.

Also I'm going to start showing off my Holliday buys from Etsy. First up is my most recent purchase from the wonderful Maytel! She's got some cute stuff, I want some of her cupcake fruity necklace but alas, I've already spent money on myself and I'll show you on what later.

For now here is her adorable cute truffle magnets I bought for my step dad. He's a huge fan of chocolates and I thought I would get him something to last a little longer this year. ^_^

Please visit her shop and her wonderful deviantart page, which is where she shows off many of her wonderful talents.

ALSO right now she's having a a SALE until December 5th, so get em while they're cheap!!

Here's a neat little button...if you do join technorati or already are on it, here's a little button to fav my blog! lol
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