Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Buys and Trades

Alright, so I realized that all of my Christmas shopping features are done!!! I haven't bought anything else for anyone else that is handmade so far. I've made some stuff for people...and I'll show those off later, but everything else is shown off.

So now I'll show you what I've been selfish about. These are the things I have bought/done trades for, for myself. :P

This is was one of my first buys for me on Etsy. These cute purple dice earrings are made by CjsDesigns. I saw them while searching through the geekery categories and knew that I just had to have them!!!

Not only do I love mini dice but I love jewelry, so it all worked out GREAT. Now don't think this shop is all about dice...not really at all actually. She's got beautiful heart earrings, anchors, necklaces, bracelets, so if you're in to jewelry check it out!! She has amazing prices and amazing products.

Next up we have this awesome 20 sided dice hemp necklace being sold by Quizzlebob. She was selling it at such a steal there was no way I couldn't snag it!

And get this, I asked if I could possibly get it in green instead of blue and it was no problem for her. I got the item just as fast only in a color I liked just a bit better! Great service.

Now if you're in to geekry quizzlebob's shop is the way to go. Dice and keyboard jewelry, legos ice cream, all sorts of stuff!! Definitely worth a look around.

The last item I'm going to show off is the first trade I ever did on Etsy!!! The wonderful Beckynot opened my mind to the world of trading, and got me started on my road to fun stuff.

She has an amazingly cute selection of stuff and it was very hard to pick just one, but I settled on this cute little kitty ring.

She's got wonderful stickers and magnets, cute jewelry, and even stuff for your favorite pet!! Not to mention bobby pins and other cute things.

Definitely worth a drop by, even just to get your fill of cute for the day. Hope you like my picks, there are plenty more to be shown this Christmas season, and I plan to show off all my wonderful stuff. ^.^

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elishacopeland said...

aww that ring is cute, i didn't know you could do trades on etsy, sounds fun :D