Friday, December 5, 2008

Fun Stuff

It's time for me to show off more of my awesome trades and buys. ^_^

First, I'll show off these wonderful pumpkin earrings I got on clearance!! Yay!! They are AMAZING. And so cute. They're made by the wonderful GeekToys. I must admit, one of my favorite sellers on Etsy.

Everyone has been so in love with my earrings, that I might just get a pair for my mom. Hee hee. Or I may just give her mine. *sigh* Please note they're not on clearance anymore but they are still for sale!!!! Grab yours here.

Anyways, I'm going to rave about GeekToys for a bit because I looooove her stuff!! Not only are they wonderfully geeky, they are also wonderfully cute, and they make more than just video game fun stuff.

I don't know how else to brag about them aside from liting my favorite items of theirs so I will. Their portal cube necklace is something I vow to buy for myself some day, and their cake is amazing. As far as non video game fun stuff I love their little bubble gum heart phone charm.

On to a fun trade I did, and the most expensive trade I have done to date. I saw Ikyoto's shop awhile back. I even linked THIS VERY design to my friend because I thought it was adorable and awesome and clever.

And he, bein a scientist type, appreciated it. I am not a scientist type, I honestly just love the funny idea of it all, but this shirt design on my left represents evaporation. lol.

Fun times. So anyways, Ikyoto contacted me because I was on the trade list, and wanted to do a trade with me!!! I was like GET OUT! I looooove your stuff. So I was happy to get a little army of charms together to trade for this shirt. ^_^ I'm actually still waiting for it (it just shipped a day or two ago) but I'm so excited about it I HAD to blog about it. I'll let you know how cool it is when I get it. lol.

Anyways, they also have a funny little oxidation shirt, stuffed shurikens, and buttons. So check it out. Great shop. One note however, if you's a small girl like me, or a girl at all (lol) make sure you let them know! They have women's sizes but don't normally post them.

So next I decided to contact the wonderful stardustsupply, and ask if she wanted to do a trade. And by my luck she did!!

I can't tell you how freaking cute her stuff is. I wanted a grab bag, because, I mean, who doesn't want a kawaii grab bag? Even if they try to deny it lol.

Anyways, Her stuff is wonderful and I totally plan on buying this grab bag some time after the hollidays, or one like it. It's sooo worth the few dollars. Super cute stickers and memos, honestly I've found they are perfect for thank you notes to my customers!! Great, great stuff.

Not to mention she has some fun candy grab bags as well. And deco tape, and stickers too!! And I will admit she sent me a free little piece of gum and it was delicious. Super delicious.

So check these guys out. I know I'll be back to buy from them when I can afford to splurge. Hee hee.



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mushroommeadows said...

yum...those pumpkin earrings look so real!