Friday, December 12, 2008

Last of the Christmas Buys

Allright...we're nearing the end of my feautring extravanganza! The next things I will be featuring will strictly be the fun trades I did with some awesome Deviantart artistist. So here's the last bit of my *strictly* Etsy features.

But oh man...was I saving the best for last. ^_^

First off, here we have the amazing Winemakerssister. She is an awesome stamp carver. She's got a lot of awesome stuff in her shop, but it was actually this leaf stamp that caught my eye. I saw it and realized what an awesome talent she has.

Her style is very unique and characterized. When I went to her shop and saw the other stamps she had made...I just knew I had to commission her!! So, I convo'd her and asked her if she would help me make a pirate penguin stamp. I sketched out a rough idea, sent it to her and voila!!! This is what she produced. --->

Amazing!! It was perfect. Again, I knew she had this amazingly fun style, and she brought it to life in to my request. And get this, she couldn't decide how she wanted to do the stamp, so she gave me both of these awesome stamps for the price of one!!

No joke, she is amazing to work with and I plan on commissioning her again. So go check out her stuff, even if you're not so much in to stamps she has paper goods, cards and tags, charm bracelets, pot holders...I mean she's got it all.

And next up we have one of my all time favorite trades. I actually started talking to Skookyspry (love that name!!) on Deviantart. You can check out my profile/gallery here, and Skookyspry's here.

So I did a fun little trade with skooky, wherein I got this AMAZING delicious cake. Can't tell you how much I love it. Not only is she amazingly creative in her work, but her cakes look sooo real and yummy it's ridiculous.

She makes the most fun star plate necklaces out of polymer clay, (this zebra one being one of my favs) fun charms (such as my delicious cake), keychains, magnets, buttons, supplies...I mean this chick is loaded with awesome. And, her prices are great!

So please check these awesome artists out. I'm not kidding when I say not only are they great sellers, and fun to work with, but they are very talented and do great work! Thanks you two!!!

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Heather said...

Wow! This is the nicest article EVER. Thanks so much for the wonderful plug. I'm so glad you're happy with your stamps!