Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Earring Giveaway?

Of course! Not from me, however, from the lovely Always Amy!

So if you're interested, go visit her blog. She explains how to enter for some awesome free earrings, which I want. ^_^

On to her shop!

Well I'm supposed to talk about two of my favorite sets of her earrings. But it's hard because she has so many. Hope she doesn't mind if I talk about more than two. ^_^ Up at the top there you see a pair of amazing looking pizza earrings. Did I say they're amazing? Because they are. ^_^ Definately my favorite pair. You wanna know why? How often do you see pizza earrings? And how often do people wear them? I'd like to wear them.

Now check out these nifty little bus earrings! I'm not particularly a fan of buses or vans or whatever but these are dang cute. I love weird things like this!!

Then on our left here we've got some delicious pretzels!!! More of something you just don't see in earrings. Pretzles are one of my favorite foods. Thumbs up for this.

Make sure to stop by her SHOP and check out her awesome earrings!


Leslie said...

Amy is awesome! She has really cute stuff! It is so unique.

Lisa said...

hey there! just wanted to drop by and say thanks for following my blog! now i'm off to read some of yours :)