Friday, June 15, 2012

Wacom Tablet Battle

Totally fell in love with this little Flip Flap Solar Powered Flower

I'm going to get one soon, it's really cheap too, like $4 with free shipping or some crap like that. WANT.

Man, I've been loading up on a bunch of frivolous stuff. And right when my husband wants to save money to get his business up and running lol. I think after this, though, I'll be all cool-item-bought-out for a bit, and I'll calm down on the spending. Maybe.

Anyways, I justify it because it's been my birthday week. So there.

I'm having a hard time with the layout of the pictures in this stupid blog sometimes. Whatever. Anyways, I've really been wanting to get a drawing tablet for myself, for like, a really long time. Problem is, we're always buying stupid crap so I never have the money for one.

I'm also split between tablets. 
I would love to get the new Wacom-Intuos5-Touch-Tablet (shown below) 
but it's pretty pricey, the cheapest I found on Amazon is $217 or something.
So probably my most viable option is 
to go with the Wacom-Bamboo-Connect-Tablet (below)
Which I can find for like, $69-ish. Lol...69....

I lose a lot with the price difference, however. The benefit to the Bamboo

is that it's cheap, and it gets the job done. I'm a beginner, for sure, and I
probably won't use all the fancy features of the Intuos 5 just yet, but I 
want to learn how to use all those fancy features. 

The Bamboo does have pressure sensitivity, but not with the eraser, 
and I don't believe you can use different nubs with the pen. 
It also doesn't have any tilt sensitivity, which I still probably
don't have to worry about that feature yet.

But I mean, if I'm spending $70-ish dollars on a slightly sub par
tablet, why not just  squirrel away that money and try to save up for the Intuos 5?

Well, I'm impatient, that's why. 

I may try to justify buying one to my husband by telling him it's for his business, which is mostly true. I do plan on doing concept art for him, and hopefully I can get decent at coloring. 

He gave our tablet to the artist we have hired, which was a bummer for me, good for our artist. So maybe we could buy a good one, give it to him and I could at least get the Wacom Intuos 3 back. So many options. All of which require money. ARRRRG

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