Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Treasury

WOW. Ok so I was totally planning on sharing some amazing tips on making clay from an awesome artist on Etsy...and then I check my Etsy today and I have a convo.

What is it?

Someone just randomly picked me for a treasury!!! This someone happened to be Swiediebie. And must I say suuuper cute store. Her items are amazing!

My item is the little mushroom charm on the right side. :3

So I have to show some of her shway cute stuff because I'm so grateful for her picking me to be in her treasury, and again, her stuff is adorable.

Super unfortunately there is no link to the treasury (probably expired) >< But it was nice of her anyways!

I'll just show off this cute little felt cake on the left, and an adorable little watermelon cakey treat yummy thing on the right.

She also makes the most adorable little monster things. LOVE IT!!!!!


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