Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Artfire and Computer Stuff

So I recently have been introduced to a site called Artfire. It's sort of like Etsy, but I've noticed it has a lot more features that I really enjoy and find useful. Like it's little stat tracker, and the fact that they will be implementing shop blogs. ^_^

So I set up a shop there. My favorite feature is that it is free!! I paid the $7 for the artist stimulus pack. It's cheaper than Etsy's listing fees for a month of listing/relisting. I'm keeping my Etsy shop and some things in it, just becuase Etsy is more popular and it is good exposure. But I really would rather use Artfire.

I haven't been able to put up my banner or avatar yet, but my power cable should be arriving today!!!! So that means my computer might be fixed. :D I've only listed two items but keep a lookout, I'll be posting more when my computer gets all unbrokified.

Store not available

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