Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just for Kicks

I'm super butt mad because our sit-in CEO comes to me and is like "Are you the full time receptionist?"
"Yes" says I
"I want you to greet every person that comes through that door, whether you know them or not."
"Okay!" I say

In my head I'm fuming. I do that EVERY day with EVERY person. Does he want me to greet them every time they walk in the door? Because some people are in and out every 10 minutes. *insert mad face*
Wish I had a clever troll for him. And I wish I wouldn't get fired if I pulled it off...

hahaha who googles these things??

It's sort of like that

I will never tire of making fun of this song


He's very angry, you see.

I wish I could say this never happens to me.
I also wish I could say I haven't dropped my phone in my cereal bowl. But I'd be lying.

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