Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Madness

I'm going to start trying to sort some of these pictures by days, methinks. So Monday Madness...time to get some random crazy fun out here.

He is always watching you....waiting...
Don't you forget it!!
It's funny if you get it. If not, google Schrodinger's cat and you might have an idea of why this is humorous.

Whenever some 'nerd girl' or 'gamer girl' posts with large fake glasses talking about how nerdy they are for liking one game, or posing super sexy with a console they don't know how to handle, I'm just like:

I just spent the last 15 hours farming a pet on WoW, and after about 10,500 kills (total, yesterday I only got about 4k) I got it. I've had to tape my glasses together because I was too poor to fix them, and it's not cute. 

You didn't get picked on in school, you didn't have people think you were a freak for playing video games or reading fantasy novels and playing D&D.

 Don't talk to me about that shit.

Go eat a dick.

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