Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Seattle Trip

OK! Got the photos from my Seattle trip I'm going to spam.......


What I feel like

<----- What I look like

The woman in the glass box has always given me good fortunes, whether in Seattle or Santa Barbara. How can I not follow her wisdom??

Husband person...thing...I'M ON A BOAT

HAHAHAHA no, seriously guys. It's not like that. I'm super serial

Hey, that's a pretty sexy washboard you've got there, my good man. 
And then I throw in a ninja cake, you know, just to keep you interested.
Me and Kensey contribute to the minty-bubblegumy smelling gum wall. 
Just to give a little perspective on how gross it is....and big

APPARENTLY this is the first porn ever discovered. Some strange fellow in one of the shops told us. He was a little creepy.

HOLYSHIT I need to give this to my husband. Nothing's sexier than Irish accents...mmmm

Look who I met! I had to jump in and save the Avengers from Justin Beiber. They were grateful
But seriously guys, who in the hell would put Justin Beiber with the Avengers??? 

Anyways it was a pretty AMAZING store fully of comic books and games and amazing TV shows and movies and funny gum and action figures...it was nerd heaven...I was in heaven...

Shot story - 
So we sit down on the curb to drink some smoothies and we see this lady - super tan and super asian and super colorful

And she's just BELTING out the national anthem and fluctuating her voice in a way that, if she was a talented singer, would sound good.
Then suddenly she stops and says "Amuricah"
And leaves.

Just, walks away. Aparently she wasn't a street performer after all.

Oh, and the psychotic homeless chick swerving in and out of the street stumbled over to us screaming "GIVE ME A PIPE! PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME A PIPE!!"

Gotta love them big cities and their crazy homeless people.

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