Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monday Madness


Yeah, no idea if these are reposts. Most likely. But I'm lazy and forgot my 
USB with all my photos on it.

Holy hell they have a general conference for my church twice a year and it was this last weekend. So I sit and listen to it, right? And while I'm doing that (since I can't watch anything without doing something at the same time)
I decided to go through and finally organize my pictures.

I have so many.

Several hours and i'm still not done.

Love pictures, I guess.

Still one of my favorites of all time

Also one of my favorites ever. 
Please go visit this dude: http://www.explosm.net/
His stuff is HILARIOUS

I just want this costume, k guys? Ok. Just so you know.

K I totally love this artist. 
I'm so into totally grungy sketchy stuff.
Not to mention grungy guys.

More amazing art.
This guys' super incredible- Kerem Beyit
I'm doing my best to link to artist's stuff. 

I got on Cat Shaming!!!! These are the pics I submitted
Above is James (Howlett, you know...Wolverine)
rummiging in our fridge

I already posted the pic on here of James becoming my head...

Yeah, see Sir Diddymus curled around my arm? 
James actually walked away by the time the camera was out,
but they sort of think it's playtime. Like "Oh, mom's on the ground?? Let's love her!"

Which...how can you complain about that? It's cute.
Annoying, but cute.

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