Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holy Sh** Snacks~

Getting more views than I ever thought possible. Thanks for making me feel loved!!

No kidding, just spent like, 10 hours in the past two days cleaning my apartment. Considering we moved in January and I still hadn't unpacked one of my boxes and we finally got new bookshelves, there was a lot to do. 3 bookshelves of board games, two of books, and one of misc. crafty stuff. And we could still use more.

Though I'm going to trade in my hardback copies of the Inheritance books because, well, there's no way in HELL I'm paying that obscene amount of money that he wants for the damn thing.

And I can't just have SOME hardbound and SOME paperbacks, it's either all of one or all of the other. My anal retentive need for symmetry gets me there.

Also, between mine and my husband's collection we somehow have all (some duplicates) but some of the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books. We're missing The Return of the King and I don't remember which Harry Potter. Whatever. Lame.


Could Lord of the Rings stand up in a fight against Game of Thrones???

Freaking awesome. Laughed so hard at Boromir vs. Ned Stark. 
And I pretty much agree with everything but the Mountain vs. Gimli. I love Gimli, but dude the Hound CRUSHES everyone. I won't insert spoilers but I think it would make my point.

Speaking of Lord of the Rings...

And Harry Potter. It's the sh**

You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”

Or I think that's his quote. Whatever. True story. We're on our way people...

You tell 'em Joker.



Man, sorry this post was so random and all over the place.
I'll do a funnier one next time I'm on, whenever that will be.

I have a hard time posting when I'm not at work. 
Mostly because I'm bored as hell here and there's not much more for me to do than this.

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