Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Geek Stuff

I've realized I get like....a sh** ton of views when I post geeky stuff. Maybe I should find more of that.

Anyways, Louis C.K. is one of my all time favorite comedians next to Dave Chapelle.

Since I'm overdrawn and waiting for my check, here's an old (but my favorite) stand up of his about being broke:

Have I posted this before? IDK 
But it's worth it.
All of you guys who think Superman is this stand-up
all around good guy alien should check this site out.

It proves what an a** he really is. 

I'm trying to provide links for all this cool stuff too.
Click on everything. 
And you might find something.

Uh, yeah, BADA**
Love it. So much love this it's not fair.

But you know what I love more?

I have no idea why this is sexy, but it is.
And those - those tattoos. 
So amazing.
Please visit M Flovent, who made these!!! AMAZING
And also his Tumblr which has even more incredible work.

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