Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

A day late, but Happy Halloween!!

I did not, unfortunately, get to dress up due to some medical issues in the family. That also kept me from doing a charity event I was very excited to do. :(

But, before I had to go off to the hospital I took some of my mom's black and silver eyeliner and played around with the creepy Cheshire Cat smile I wanted to do but couldn't afford the facepaint for.

 I had planned on doing a gender bend Red costume from Pokemon, and having my husband wear a Pikachu onesie, but that obviously didn't work out. I did, however, have a friend takes some pics for me a few weeks ago. 

And here's a reference to what I based my gender bend off of. I didn't do the white on the color or the gray on the gloves.

Well, I hope you guys were able to have an awesome Halloween and were able to dress up!

If you have pics, please share them I'd love to see what you guys were able to do!

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