Thursday, June 27, 2013

Short Post

Not much to say today. I don't think anyone really reads these anyways. I know when I go to tumblr and stuff I don't read the words, I just look at the pictures.

I don't get tumblr, by the way.

I keep thinking of getting an account but the entire site confuses me. So instead I just go to IMGUR and visit the dude who is nice enough to grab all the funny tumblr posts and put them in a comprehensive collection. If you go to IMGUR you'll run into him eventually. He always makes the front page.

This statement is completely true.
Don't judge me.

Probably one of my favorite .gifs EVER
I really can't stop laughing.

This popped up on my facebook feed.
I love it. So much.

I think this is a tumblr post. And I think I got it from IMGUR the way
I described above. 

This is me.
This explains my life.

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