Wednesday, August 14, 2013


My two supervisors joke around a lot.
And the customer service one decided to start calling the IT guy Plankton, like from Spongebob.

He's never seen Spongebob and didn't know Plankton's name was Sheldon, so when she tried to call him Shelly he wasn't pleased.

He was sick Monday so we decided to decorate his office with various pictures of Plankton. that's my story. One girl did call him Shelly so he fired her five times. But they fire us a lot. :P

These guys don't appreciate being stereotyped.

Seriously, one of my new all-time favorite jokes.
I'm laughing so hard I printed it out and having it taped to my monitor.

In like, 8 years of working at veterinary hospitals, the only time I ever got
bit was by a Chihuahua. They are of the devil.

Speaking of working as a Vet Tech 
(was trained on the job, didn't go to school, so no I most likely can't tell you
why your pet is sick)

Mind = Blown

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