Tuesday, July 30, 2013


ComicCon is coming to Salt Lake!!! YEAH BUDDY!!!!!!

Anyways, my mom is helping me out with my Rogue cosplay, so this is basically just a post to help her with references for the boots.

I'll be dying my hair brown and doing the streak to save on money. I need to dye my hair anyways, and buying two wigs on TOP of dying my hair a different color is expensive. So...one wig for my HarleyQuinn, and dye for Rogue. I think it'll work out.

Love this pic! I should really post sources...but...meeeeeeeh I'm at work so I'm not doing much research

super clean cosplay righ there. I'm assuming she straight up MADE that jacket. 
Hardcore, man.

I'm liking those boots

These are a more simple boot - not as accurate but I'll probably go 
with something like this to save effort...

Not a big fan of what's going on here, but good reference idea

Probably one of my favorite cosplay, and the boots look decent. 
I'm hoping to pull off something like this, but we'll see.

Sweet artwork of the oldschool look. 
I love it when they modernize her.

Good sideview, I think

Another simpler style of boot

Ok, I hope these are enough references for the people helping me out...


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