Saturday, September 28, 2013

So Much For Updates!

WOOOOAH I got sidetracked.

We had a talking-to at work where we can't go to any sites that aren't work related. I hate it when one person ruins privileges for everyone....I just had to spell check that word. Just so you know.

Man, I have so many awesome things to share I have no idea where to start....

On a separate friend is working on a project to compile free online writing lectures. So he went to New York to meet with some writing/publishing people and took mine and a friend's work with him for critique. I'm extremely pleased to say they liked it! I don't have the critiques back yet, but overall it was one of their favorites, so he says.

Eventually I'll do a post about all of that stuff. Supposedly it's good to have social media outlets for writers and artists, so once I have some more work finished, I think that's what I'm going to start doing.

Also - SLC Comic Con was a HUGE success!!! And a total blast! So I'm gonna throw some fun pics of that in here, too. Next time.
Today is a funny post. Tomorrow, Comic Con cosplays. time I post....

Goat anatomy for dummies
Or just people like me.

I guess this isn't funny but I think it's a VERY valid point.
Sometimes the world really makes me stop and think...WTF is wrong with you people?

I'm sorry, they can't hear you over the sound of how AWESOME THEY ARE


LOL this is something I would do if my parents were the kind of people to lecture me...

Well I guess this sort of turned into a tumblr to wadjet on IMGUR for always supplying me with laughs from tumblr.

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