Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I've been playing around with the color scheme and placement of stuff on my blog. I completely forgot I could change all the colors around after I adapted this new format hahahah.

Anyone out there know where I might get some blog templets? I'm super new to this whole thing and I really want to be able to put my gadgets on the right AND left side of my blog...but I don't knw if that's possible. I'll try to do some research and post my findings, but if anyone else knows more than me and would like to share I would MUCH appreciate it. :D of the people we're moving out with recently got in a car accident(technically his fault) and now he may not be able to move out with us. :(

We still have other options with the couple we're moving out with. We just may not get the house we wanted to rent. So...we'll see. Either way we're moving out, and either way it's going to be awesome.


Melanie said...

the easiest 3 column template instructions are here

for stunning themes for templates try

許・美美 said...

There are several, ready-made templates in That's where I get my layouts.

I'm glad you enjoyed my cosplay blog in Sanriotown. You can also find it here in blogspot, It has more cosplays than my Sanriotown one. ^_~